Feb 12

New Peglock board design

Our newest improvement to the Peglock boards allows users to lock the boards together: end-to-end, side to side, end to side, or in a brickwork pattern.


Jan 12

Peg Lock for Architecture Material Samples

Jul 11

Peg Lock Rifle Case Insert

With a Peg Lock insert for your rifle case, weapons in the case, will stay in place.  Over time and use, custom cut foam can break-down and allow items to shift and move.


Case reconfigure completed in 7minutes 15 seconds

Starting configuration

Completed in 00:07:15

Jun 11

Saw Blades

Jun 11

Free Peg Lock Contest

2011 Peg Lock Free Give-away Contest

The winning photo/use idea will receive a free Peg Lock 4×4 set of boards (16) and #1 pegs (200)


Jun 11

CD / DVD rack

May 11

Peg Lock your Pinot Noir

Peg Lock works as a wine rack, too.

May 11

Leashes and Keys

For your Ford and Fido

May 11

Using Peg Lock with really long tools

Two of the 4″ Peg Lock boards keeps items tidy.


May 11

Peg Lock in the Kitchen

Reverse the Peg Lock ‘bell’ to hold flat things and items with a lip to the board.